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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

Dec 15, 2016

Matt Hunter comes on the show to share about his wild sexual awakening that led him to start Cambyo, a sex coaching, research, and story company. We discuss the following topics and more! -Getting sexually mentored by an older woman -Orgasms through hugging -How to manage erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation -Becoming a sex slave at Burning Man Be a part of cutting edge research on sex and monogamy by going to and filling out their survey! You can also find out all about their research, stories, and coaching there! Follow Matt Hunter on instagram @matthvnter. Enter to win a free 15-minute coaching session with KarenLee Poter by letting us know what you’ve been struggling with / working on in your sex life at! You can also text or leave us a voicemail at 323-472-4237. Thank you for tuning in! Please help support our show by leaving a rating and review on the iTunes Store. We’d also love if you’d support us by becoming a patron at...