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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

Nov 26, 2015

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we decided to interview KarenLee's parents (Cam's grandparents) about sex and love! This episode is all about how to maintain a long-lasting relationship. We delve into their views on sex, marriage, and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 19, 2015

Peppy Dexter gives KarenLee and Cam the lowdown on hooking up from a 23-year-old woman's perspective. They discuss the responsibilities of men and women when learning how to have sex. They also delve into the fluidity of gender and sexuality. 

Nov 12, 2015

An interview with a non-stereotypical fraternity bro! KarenLee, Cam, and Dale talk about their firsts – from blow jobs to losing their virginity. They get into how to overcome erectile dysfunction and what to expect when having sex for the first time. A hilarious and poignant episode, especially for Illini fans and...

Nov 5, 2015

Cam divulges to KarenLee how the woman he's dating suggested they not use the terms "Girlfriend" and "Boyfriend" to describe their relationship anymore. KarenLee advises Cam on how to make his not-"Girlfriend" orgasm. KarenLee also offers her theory of the three phases that all relationships go through. The episode...