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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

Jun 30, 2017

What should you do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel depressed AF? Should you venture out into the world? Should you stay inside so that no one picks up on your negative vibes? KarenLee and Cam discuss the causes of these shit moods, how to deal with them, and even how to attract people when you're in a funk. Please let us know your thoughts on how to prevent and handle bad vibes (i.e., depression), by leaving us a review in the iTunes Store, emailing us at, or calling us at 323-472-4237. Thank you for all the love over the past 90 episodes. If you'd like to support the show, consider funding our Patreon page at We'd be very grateful! Get close with us on social at: Facebook/Instagram - @SexTalkWithMyMom Twitter - @SexTalkPodcast Website - With love, KarenLee and Cam