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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

Apr 18, 2019

200 SEX TALKS WITH MY MOM! We cannot believe we've gotten to this point! We absolutely could not have done it without all of your support. To celebrate, we revisit with our favorite past guests, some who first came on the show over three years ago! They share with us their most memorable sexual experiences, their secrets to great sex, and their reflections on sex talking with my mom! LET'S PARTY!

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A HUGE thank you to all of our guests who submitted videos for this episode. WE LOVE YOU! You can listen to their episodes on STWMM and follow them on socials at the links below. 

Charlotte & Remy Kassimir E171 The Female Orgasm Handbook w/ How Cum Podcast @howcumpodcast

Ginny Hogan E196 The Power of Pegging w/ Comedian Ginny Hogan @ginnyhogan_

Michelle Miller E154 Horny Widows feat. Michelle Miller @mouthy_michelle

Amber Neukum Ep. 30 - Friend-Zoned by Superfan Amber Neukum @ammbz

Billy Procida E98 Craigslist Bukakke w/ Manwhore Billy Procida @TheBillyProcida

Chris Duce E146 Mormon Sex (Feat. Celestial Sex Podcast) @celestialsexpod

Christopher Smith Bryant Ep. 18 – Gay in the Bible Belt / Happy Endings @tenderchris

Dirty Lola E131 How to Talk Dirty with Dirty Lola @dirtylola

Dr. Laurie Bennett-Cook Ep 76: Mother-Daughter Hookers! @dr.lbc

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce Ep. 33 – 21-Day Masturbation Challenge! w/ Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce @dr.nancysuttonpierce

Emily Hartridge E190 F*cking with Anxiety feat. Emily Hartridge @emilyhartridge

Emily Morse E107 Sex With Emily! How To Have Amazing Sex! @sexwithemily

Holly Randall E124 The Key to Sexiness with Holly Randall Unfiltered @hollyrandall

Human Fountains E150 America's Got Talent Human Fountains Spill about Sex @humanfountains

Jessy Dubai Ep. 29 - Honesty w/ Transsexual Pornstar Jessy Dubai @tsjessy

Jonathan Blake E166 I Lost My Virginity At 37 w/ Jonathan Blake @iheallikethis

Julie E97 The Most Open Sex Debrief EVER! @steamjennings

Jupiter's Slut E137 Herpes, do you tell? // 52-Week Masturbation Vlog Challenge @jupitersslutpower

Kate Spina Ep. 53: Fantasy, Sex, and The Buddha @gratefulkate

Kyra Kane E116 Do Cam Girls Make More Money than Surgeons? @TheSexWorkBBPod

Molly and Yael Ep. 31 – Lesbian Love 

Nicoletta Heidegger Ep. 20 - Weed and Sex Therapy @slutsandscholars

SandieLee E178 Thirst Trapping w/ KarenLee and SandieLee @sandieleetoronto

Shawn Stoner E151 Live! My Mom Slides Into DM's @shawn_stoner

Silvia Saige E159 Anal But No Cream Pies w/ XXX Comic Silvia Saige @thesilviasaige

Syd Wilder E157 I Don't Do Anal, I AM Anal (w/ Syd Wilder) @sydwilder

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