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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

May 31, 2018

Once a sexually-repressed church-girl, now a professional online masturbator. Her name is Jupiter's Slut, and she chats with us about reclaiming her sexuality and conducting a 52-week challenge where she vlogged her weekly masturbation sessions. We also spend a lot of time talking about her experience with herpes, answering all the following questions and more:

-How do you get herpes?

-When and how should you tell your partner you have herpes?

-Is your sex life over when you're diagnosed with herpes?

Jupiter's Slut is wildly intelligent and funny. You can check out her work at and (eventually)

Please get in touch with us by texting or leaving a voicemail at (YES)-TEXT-MOM. That’s (937)-839-8666. We’d love to hear your questions, comments, stories, and thoughts on herpes, religion, or anything in this episode that piques your interest. We'll try to play and address them in the Monday Morning After Show.

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