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Mar 6, 2018

This is a mashup of the top sex tips we learned from our favorite sex educators over the last two and a half years. We chat about the following questions and more.

With sex educator and porn legend, Nina Hartley (@ninaland):

-What is Nina’s number one tip for better sex?

-Why is kissing so important?

-In general, is it true that women like dominant men?


With host of Sex With Emily podcast, Dr. Emily Morse (@sexwithemily):

-How important is penis size?

-What are Emily’s thoughts on porn?

-How can breathing affect your sex?


With urologist, Dr. Joel Cornfield:

-What is the craziest thing Dr. Joel has seen in his practice?

-What’s the deal with Testosterone and supplements for men?

-What happens if someone grows erect while he’s examining them?


With registered nurse and health educator, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce (@dr.nancysuttonpierce):

-What issue does she help women with the most?

-How do we increase our sexual desire?


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