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Thanks for listening to Sex Talk With My Mom, the only podcast hosted by a sexually-liberated "COUGAR" mom and her comedian son.

Feb 7, 2019

It took three years to get the sex goddess-love mentor-princess of sensuality-YouTube sensation Adina Rivers on the show, and it was well worth the wait! Merging sensuality and spirituality, Adina offers wise and light-hearted advice. We tackle the following questions and more:

  • Is casual sex healthy?
  • What should you do when one partner desires someone outside the relationship?
  • How naked should you be in front of your kids?
  • What is sexuality at age 60?
  • How do you access your sensuality, especially when you spend all your time in front of a screen?

Check out Adina's incredible work on Instagram @adinariversofficial, on YouTube search Adina Rivers or @MyTinySecretsTV, and on her online courses – the “Sensual Body Transformation” and the “Pussy Pleasure Course” – at

Let us know your thoughts about the above questions, and we will include it on our Monday Morning After Show. Just shoot us a text or leave us a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

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