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Aug 2, 2018

When a tech journalist is asked to review a new company, they don’t always expect to find themselves in a sex cult. Meet Ellen Huet, a brilliant journalist at Bloomberg (and Cam’s Stanford crush), who recently published a ground-breaking exposé on OneTaste, a company teaching “Orgasmic Meditation,” or OM. After extensive research, it turns out that OneTaste goes beyond teaching people how to pleasure women through a specific approach to fingering, but functions more like a cult.

  • What leads people to fall into and remain in a cult?
  • How are cults structured and what does it look like on the inside?
  • Why did KarenLee attend a blow-job class?

Make sure to check out Ellen’s article, The Dark Side of Orgasmic Meditation in Bloomberg Businessweek. Follow her on Twitter @EllenHuet.

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